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Our Quality Water in 18.9 litres refill bottle is the best option for water brand used on our revolutionized Dispensing Machines.

CWAY Dispensers are Hi-tech, durable & aesthetic value-added water dispensing machines.

Available  in several designs and  brand options such as  RUBY, EXCEL, EXECUTIVE & ROYAL.


A popular and widely acclaimed saying   “that  the hygiene level of a tea cup is no less important than the tea! ” Therefore, this relates to the hygiene level of your water dispenser which is equally a determiner to the water quality you drink each time you dispense water from your dispenser.’

Therefore, in the light of the above, CWAY introduces the DCDE (Dispenser cleaning and disinfecting equipment) within our customer service units to ensure safe and hygienic condition of your water dispensers through periodic professional maintenance service.

CWAY Dispensing Machine is specially built with after sales cleaning procedures which allows for the use of special harmless odorless liquid detergents, capable of dissolving and disinfecting harmful substances that might be locked up within the interior  parts of your dispenser machine.

This procedure involves the following phases:
1. Flushing,
2. Sterilisation with ozone,
3. Steaming under high pressure

CWAY – Lagos Dispenser Sales Hotline  +234-8033249025