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Cheers Cocktail is an alcoholic beverage introduced to Ready to Drink market category by CWAY FOOD AND BEVERAGES. Addressing guest at the product launch and factory commissioning, Managing Director of CWAY FOOD AND BEEVRAGES Mr. Alok Saxena explained that, Cheers Cocktail is an alcoholic drink that is new in her category. We are sure the adults who drink responsibly in Nigeria, will love the brand especially fun lovers and those who want to try something new. We believe cheers cocktail will be best enjoyed by adults Nigerians as they wind down after work or on a night out with friends in party and events”.

L-R Mr. Will Li (Sales Director), Mr. Vishal (Director of Procurement and Logistics) Mr. Arun B (GM, Milk Business Unit , Mr. Wang Bing (GM, Fruit Drink Business Unit), Mr. Alok Saxena (Managing Director) and Mr. David Lu (Sales Manager)


Cheers cocktail comes in two flavors ROSE and PEACH cocktail. It is well packaged in 350ml PET bottle, and contains 4.5% alcoholic volume. Cheers cocktail is made from Blue Rose flower and Peach fruit with a refreshing crisp taste. During the factory commissioning, General Manager, Mr. Wang Bing said “Cheers cocktail is a premium brand mixed with deep passion, dedication and with modern technology to produce a drink of class and that can be enjoyed by both adult male and female.

He appreciated the Chairman of CWAY GROUP of company Mr. Onest Che for his innovative and creative mind by initiating the brand cheers, and Managing Director of CWAY FOOD AND BEVERAGES Mr. Alok Saxena for his wealth of experience, and providing great leadership aimed at taking CWAY to another level, as we witness yet another milestone in CWAY annals.

Mr. Alok Saxena (Managing Director) commissioning Cheers Cocktail Factory

Also, representing the Sales Director (Mr. Will Li), is the Lagos Regional Sales Manager Mr. Ekpo Udeme said, “Cheers Cocktail is the first in her category and the brand has a promising future. He therefore encourages all trade channels to invest in the brand as it promises good return on investment.

The Introduction of Cheers Cocktail marks an important mile stone in CWAY and Nigeria Beverage Market. This brand is the first ever locally produced alcoholic cocktail with natural flavor of Rose and Peach.

L-R: Mr. Wang Bing (GM Fruit Drink Business Unit), Mr. Alok Saxena (Managing Director)