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CWAY Food and Beverages Nigeria limited Ota; Ogun state introduces …‘Cheers Cocktail ’, a new premium novelty brand in pet bottles to Nigerian markets on  the  17th August, 2018.

CWAY Cheers Cocktail is the most recent innovative product from the stable of CWAY Food and Beverages. The brand concept is from a distinct newly built modern production plant in Ota Ogun State.

Cheers Cocktail’s product content consist of a proportionate 4.5% alcohol with the choicest deep rose flavors for great taste, deep passion and bold feelings for all unisex consumers of 18 years and above.

CWAY Cheers Cocktail has an innovative pet bottle package appeal  with  an attractive label line which  stimulates for a passionate discovery experience.

The  brand volume content is 350ml (PET) of two flavors ( Rose & Peach flavors) and best served chilled for refreshing crispy taste.

Drink Cheers Cocktail RESPONSIBLY at fun occasions  and events of 18 years and above.

Cheers to Life, Sparkle, be real and be in control!

The Product launch Session.

At the milestone event of Cheers Cocktail brand launch , prospective invited guests turned out in large numbers and  the company’s  top management  and sales team constituting: the General Manager Mr. Moses Wang, the head of the Cheers Cocktail business unit  represented the company’s MD Mr Alok Saxena at the event, the  senior sales manager Mr. Michael Lee, Mr. Ekpo the Lagos sales manager and Mr. Folarin the brands manager, all whom in their remarks  promised  the prospective business partners and existing  distributors attractive trade deals for start offs  at the close session  of  the product launch ceremony.

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