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The 2018 CWAY Group’s midyear management meetings held on the 15th – 22nd of July at the company’s subsidiary levels turned out with more impressive and spectacular highlights compared to 2017.

At this meeting, chaired by Mr. Onest che the chairman of CWAY Group excellent and well thought out management strategies cuts across the various reports presented by the top management in attendance as Mr. Figo, the Managing Director of CWAY Group Admin HQ,

Mr. Sean, the MD of CWAY Water Lagos, Mr. Chris the MD of CWAY Water North-Abuja, Mr. Alok, the new MD of CWAY Food and Beverages, other directors and head of departments all who reported the growth performance records in double digits, particularly from Mr. Alok who confirmed that four new proposed quality and beneficial brand products from CWAY Food and Beverages company will be introduced to Nigerian markets in the second half of 2018.