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CWAY Company management at the end of each year usually sets aside a particular day to reward performance and celebrate with all staff. This year’s celebration was unique and spectacular at CWAY Water lagos subsidiary as virtually all staff came together in a party atmosphere on the 10th of December 2017 at the Company’s Head Office to party and reward outstanding staff in 2017. All in attendance got themselves treated with sumptuous meals, drinks and exciting dance steps.

The company’s General Manager Mr Sean opened the party with a speech of appreciation to all staff particularly those who distinguished themselves with outstanding records of performance and assured them of rewarding gifts and recognition for long service awards . Finally, he reminded all as he did introduced the new …’ON THE GO’..(75cl)Table Water as another ‘milestone’ for the company with the slogan “another brand water to trust from CWAY!” So also, the company’s Human Resource Director Mrs Mary Uzozie who anchored all activities which included ladies head tie gear competition, raffle draws, couples dance competition and others thus, all as fun trilled efforts towards giving back to the company’s staff as they all got entertained.