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Nutri Milk Super Kids Drink

Nutri –Milk Super Kids Drink is a tailor-made brand for children widely known by consumers as the “kids’ size of Nutri-Milk  Drink”. It comes in PE bottle and with a net content of 210 ml. Super Kids drink has a product formulation that contains DHA. This is  a health nutrient property that helps enhance  a healthy brain development in children.

This brand has three variants:

1. Apple Super Kids Drink
2. Orange Super Kids Drink
3. Pineapple Super Kids Drink



DHA – is an essential nutrient for cognitive and functional brain development in children.

DHA – Docosahexaenoic Acid: is a type of omega-3 fatty acid with essential oils that constitute what the human body and the brain requires effective functional development and growth particularly in the early years of children.


Studies has shown that young children who received expert recommended prescription levels
of DHA showed superior brain development status in terms of problem solving, visual
Acuity, verbal intelligence, and IQ compared to those who had not.
Consistent intake of DHA throughout childhood years is important to help keep the child’s brain in optimal health.