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Nutri Soya

Nutri-Soya is a nutritious and healthy Soya Milk drink made from soya beans. With varients in Soya Milk & Malt Soya, added with nutritional and healthy ingredients. Available in pack size – 400ml x 12 bottles.

Nutri-Soya is a powerful protein drink which is suitable for all age groups consumed anytime of the day.



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Nutri-Soya TVC

Introducing … Nutri-Soya, a nutritious drink made from Soybeans which is a great source of essential vitamins, proteins & minerals, which you and your family needs.Have a delightful and nourishing week with Nutri-Soya, which comes in Soya Milk and Malt Soya.

Posted by CWAY Food & Beverages on Monday, July 15, 2019