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This is an excellent Sweetened Yoghurt, processed with a natural fermentation (Milk), which combines refreshing yoghurt taste with essential vitamins.

Nutri-Yo  is low fat plain yogurt, rich in protein with essential minerals as Calcium, Sodium, carbohydrate alongside Vitamin B6, B1, D, A.

Nutri-Yo comes in two variants of Plain Yogurt and Strawberry flavour

Nutri-Yo  Net Content is 500ml (PET).

Nutr-Yo is most suitable to modern life style. The pack is very convenient for consumption at any time & place; homes, on-the-go, party etc.



 Energy  ≥140KJ
 Protein  ≥1.0g
 Fat  ≥1.0g
 Carbohydrate  ≥5.0g
 Sodium  ≥30mg
 Vitamin A  30-100µg
 Vitamin D  1-4 µg
 Vitamin B1  100-200 µg
 Vitamin B6  10-120 µg
 Calcium  20-60 µg


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Twitter: @cwaynutriyo
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