Company's Profile

In 1999, Mr. Onest Che founded CWAY group, a Foods and Beverages  company in Nigeria and steadfastly committed these investments towards improving people’s lives. Since then, CWAY has been tending to consumers’ health needs and other high quality premium products. Two decades of rapid growth after establishment, CWAY consistently became a reckoning force as a high employer of labor and the market leader in manufacturing of drinking water and the beverages investment sector in Nigeria.

Who we are

The human resource of CWAY is recognized as a vital asset in attaining the set objectives of the company and therefore, attracts talents all over the world interested in contributing to exciting numerous career management models. CWAY’s staff orientation culture emphasizes global manufacturing best practices, progressive remunerations to career growth along indices of performance, innovations, skill acquisitions and above all, staff safety is considered First Priority in all company’s work spaces.

Infrastructural investments

Company’s global investments now totaling 19 factories. Egypt and India; of which 17 are located across Nigeria with top quality brand offerings to consumers essentially supported with manufacturing best practices, excellent customer service delivery networks span across the nation along three brand categories (Drinking Water and Beverages, Snacks, & Animal Husbandry).

Milestones Commitment strives 

Company’s major commitment is focused on ensuring the manufacturing of safe and premium quality products, through consistent innovations and acquisition of modern Hi tech infrastructural facilities as demonstrated by CWAY in 2014, when company acquired (via purchase rights) an industrial park in ISOLO, LAGOS State, Nigeria; a former property of Siemens Nigeria, the affiliate of Siemens AG Head Quartered in Germany. Also In 2015, SAGAMU, OGUN State Nigeria industrial Park, was procured and commenced construction works with required state approvals of facility designs and work permits Furthermore, in April 2021, was the completion of CWAY Foods and Beverages modern Hi tech Yogurt Production Plant within the industrial park and commissioned with regulatory requirements of international food safety policy and global manufacturing best practices.

Company Compliance

Our almost desire as a company  is becoming  a global premium brand and as such, global regulatory standards are the key reference guides in our productions ,consistent innovations and  craftsmanship skills thus, adopting the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, installation of high quality food grade stainless production equipment, stringent supply chain standards on premium imports and promoting total quality management schemes across company’s affiliates now certified ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management System.

Drinking Water & Beverages

Include premium products as water dispenser, dispenser refill water, table water, fruit flavored milk, fermented yogurt, plant protein drink, carbonated soft drink and other functional beverages.

CWAY Homes Residence Scheme

CWAY residency scheme strives to provide comprehensive benefits to all international staff within company's residence facilities with a policy which was flagged off in 2014 in all affiliates called “CWAY HOMES ”.The facility benefits includes board and lodging, statutory holiday, annual paid leave, gymnasium and entertainment facilities. This 'policy drive' is to bring about a safe home convenience, staff comfort and general wellbeing to employees within these facilities.

CWAY’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

CWAY‘s CSR tends to the vulnerable groups within the societies and of which on monthly basis, donations of drinking water, beverages and with inclusion of financial supports to care giver homes of vulnerable children in particular. In the Current, other CSR focus areas of concerns includes educational infrastructural development project, youth sports developments, health care and awareness drive support in environmental waste management .

CWAY Work Culture Scheme

CWAY work culture scheme attracts talents all over the world interested in contributing to exciting numerous career business management models. CWAY staff orientation culture emphasizes strict adherence to global best manufacturing practices, progressive remunerations to career growth along indices of performance, innovations, and skill acquisitions and above all, staff safety- is considered First Priority in all company’s work spaces.

Customer Service Relations

A Customer service relation is keys to our investment. For every “potential client” to CWAY each one, deserves treatment as a” king.’’

CWAY undoubtedly is still committed in building business partnership relations with quality assuring value chain experiences in all brand product purchases through our efficient customer service delivery systems.

Products' Profile

CWAY Water is undoubtedly today rated as the No.1 Nigerian market brand for 18.9 litre dispenser refilling water and dispenser machines.

CWAY Water company is currently the Nigeria's largest and the most advanced Refilling Water Plant in operations with daily sales stands at thousands of tons of treated drinking water and thus contributing immensely improving the healthy lifestyle of numerous Nigerians.

Other brands from CWAY Beverages group include beverages as Apple/Peach Fruit drinks, Cheers Cocktail, Nutri Milk, Nutri Yo Yogurt and the latest Maca Energy drinks with production capacity of hundreds of tons. These premium brands in trade locations have progressive market share index rates in Nigeria and neighboring countries