CWAY Egypt

CWAY Egypt was established in April. 2006 with a Mineral Water Factory after an elaborate analysis of the soil topography alongside laboratory examinations of the physical, biological and the geological nature of the ground water of  Egypt. After extensive analysis report findings CWAY thus, decided to choose Wadi El-Natron (in the desert hinterland) to be the headquarters of the Water plant because the location was found to be the best in terms of environmental and health assessments report findings of the wells in Egypt . And afterwards, pro-fillings exercises followed in order to meet up with the Egyptians’ standards as well as other international guidelines on bottled water safety for human consumption. However, within this region a known fact still remains that ‘the deeper the well, the purer the water will be’ and certainly, on this premise CWAY is proud to affirm that the depth of our wells in Egypt is more than 250 meters and indeed suitable to meet the production requirements for the production of Mineral water and Dispenser water supplies in all sectors of our markets in Egypt.

Also, in relation to the water dispenser sale, CWAY Egypt consistently sells quite an impressive units monthly of over 150 dispensers to distinguished electronic shops in the Egyptian markets and alongside big hyper malls like Carrefour, B-tech (the biggest Electronic shop in the Egypt,with 50 branches). So also, it serves the Egyptian consumers from Marina in the North Coast of Alexander,Hurghada on the Red Sea, to Suhag and Aswan in the south.

Conclusively, concerning our water distribution channels, CWAY Egypt distributes the premium Mineral Water brand through hundreds of supermarkets covering the whole of  Cairo via our empowered group of skilled trained merchandising agents who in return demonstrate excellent deliveries to the Egyptian customers .Equally, in Egypt CWAY have in place other designated delivery teams whose daily supplies is focused the VIP markets as the Egyptians Council, the Central Bank and the Egyptians Telecoms.

CWAY Egypt will continue to ensure effective customer service delivery to all customers.

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Hot Line: 16958
Office Tel: (002) 29700764
Mobile: (002) 01100025800
Address: 53, Elmalika Fareda Street, Merag City Next of Glory school, Zahraa Maadi, Cairo, Egypt