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CWAY WATER is the flagship of the CWAY Group operations in Nigeria and leads the industry since inception in year 2000. Our core interest is in providing clean hygienic water and innovative water dispensers with accessories and technology that supports healthy water drinking habit for all. Indeed, our impact is felt in every home and corporate offices as we developed products for all target market segments.

CWAY FOOD & BEVERAGES Nigeria Company was established in 2004 with an initial well blended unique brand: Peach Fruit Drink. Between 2007 to date, the Company’s transformation drive in research and production has sustained Company’s Mission focus of ensuring that our numerous innovative brands meet customer health needs and rewarding value chain systems with safe quality premium brand categories of Fruit Milk / Yogurt drinks, Plant protein drinks, Energy drinks and Children’s special formulated drinks with DHA for good growth. Currently, new brands from CWAY await market launch .

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CWAY Global Presence

CWAY has invested in a total of 19 factories in Nigeria, China, Egypt and India, of which 17 are located across Nigeria.