Established in 2018

Location: Plot-3, Block-1, off Ota-idiIroko Road by Nestle foods factory, Ogun state, Nigeria.

Customer Service Line: 07089284130

Pakway Company’s core vision of establishment is to produce high quality rigid packaging products as forms, caps, Straws etc. to CWAY Group of companies.

Target Clients: Table Water & Refill Water industry, Beverage industry, Confectionery industry

 Machinery & capacity Brief: Pakway is equipped with World class machinery including HUSKY and Unique Preform molding machine to produce High quality preforms. Pakway has a production  capacity of 42M Preform per monthly with different type & sizes. Pakway is equipped with high speed compression molding machines and Injection molding machine to produce high quality caps of 45M monthly with different types of SKUS. Pakway is equipped with high Speed Straw extruder and packaging machine to produce high quality wrapped straw to meet the Beverage industry requirement. We can produce 20M wrapped straw per month.

Brand Product / description details

– 16gm 2925Neck Preform,

– 16.5Gm 3025 Neck Preform,

– 17Gm 3025 Neck Preform,

– 18gm 3025 Neck preform,

– 26gm 1810 hot fill Preform,

– 710Gm Dispenser Preform for 18.9ltr bottle.

– Customized Beverages caps,

– 2925 Short neck water Cap

– 3025 30mm Water Cap

– 18.9Ltr Dispenser Bottle caps with Gasket & seals

– 25ltr can oil cap

– 160mm Straw

-210mm Straw

-250mm Straw

– 63mm Jar & cap

– 83mm Jar & cap